How to Watch TV online

How to watch live TV channels online? - Free Tv online

• "German TV Online" portal can be used to view TV channels online for free.
• To view Live TV channels you must have a minimum of 512 kbps connection (recommended 1.5 Mbps).
• Online TV stations require some "web browser plugins" which you can download below for free.

To view online TV stations install the following programs and plugins:

Windows Media Player  Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player plugin is used by TV stations marked with the logo "WMP". If the TV station will not work, make sure that you have installed this plugin.
Download (minimum recommended): Version 10 - Windows Media Player 10 Setup
(12.2 MB)
Download from Install Windows Media Player
! If you use Mozilla Firefox and you can not see the TV channels then install Windows Media Player plugin for Firefox: Download WMP Firefox Plugin Download WMP Firefox Plugin

Quick Time Player  Quick Time Player

To watch TV channels online that use the "Quick Time Player" plugin, you must have installed the Qt player software.
Download (recomandat): Install Quick Time Player

Adobe Flash Player   Adobe Flash Player

Install Adobe Flash Player to watch HD TV online, HD TV channels are marked with the logo "Adobe Flash Player" plugin.
Download (recommended): Install Quick Time Player

SopCast Player   SopCast Player

Install SopCast Player to watch high quality TV channels and HD TV online for free , Sopcast TV channels are marked with the logo "SopCast Player" plugin.
Download (minimum recommended): Version 2.0 - SopCast Player Setup
NEW! SopCast Player for Mozilla Firefox! For more details visit Sopcast Firefox Plugin info blog - this will guide you to install this Sopcast plugin to watch TV streams.
Official website SopCast Player Help

VLC Media Player   VLC Media Player

Install VLC Media Player to watch high video quality TV channels online, HD TV online like HD movies and TV shows. Specific TV channels that are marked with the logo "VLC Media Player" plugin. In this case if you whant to view that TV channel online you need to install VLC and use the web browser - Internet Explorer. If you want to see TV stations online in Mozilla Firefox then check the option to install VLC player "Mozilla plugin".
Download (recommended): Install VLC Media Player

Real Player   Real Player plugin

Install Real Player to watch specific TV channels marked with the logo "Real Player".
Download (recommended): Install Real Player plugin
Other information relevant to German TV Online portal:
• Wait 30-60 seconds for the TV channel to load.
• Some online TV channels do not broadcast live on the Internet 24/24h, and it is possible that they may be interrupted at certain times or running programs (eg movies or sports for which no license to broadcast on the Internet!).
• To watch the TV in Full Screen mode double click on the player.
• To exit Full Screen mode, press the Esc key.
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